AIARE Avalanche Rescue Course


the Avalanche rescue course is a 1 day skills course focusing on beacon, Probe and shoveling skills, group rescue scenarios and advanced techniques.  This course is a pre requisite for the Aiare rec Level 2


Saturday Dec 14, 2019

Saturday Jan 4, 2020

Saturday Jan 25, 2020

Saturday Feb 8, 2020

Saturday Feb 29, 2020


 Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Full course details will be emailed to all participants 2 weeks before the start of the course.

A great course for folks who would like to learn or refresh avalanche rescue skills.  The structured rescue scenarios provide guided learning opportunities for folks of all experience levels. Individual and group techniques will be covered.  Essential for anybody that travels in the backcountry or rides in-bounds gated terrain.

This course is a pre-req for the  AIARE Rec L2

AIARE Avalanche Rescue Course Goals

●  Train backcountry travelers in Avalanche Rescue skills

●  Increase participant likelihood of survival in an avalanche

●  Emphasize that education and avoiding getting caught in an avalanche is the best plan; rescue is a backup in case everything goes wrong.

●  Provide skills and practice methods to be proficient at the Avalanche Rescue standard

●  Promote a culture of routine avalanche rescue practice and attendance of an Avalanche Rescue course every two years 


Topics covered in this course:


  • Companion rescue including scene size up, organization, beacon use, probing, stategic shoveling techniques

  • Student led group rescue scenarios

  • Recovery of victims not wearing beacons

  • Common mistakes in avalanche rescue

  • Single and multiple beacon search techniques

  • Role of first aid and emergency response in real avalanche rescues


$10 flat rate fee provides access to all of MountainSavvy's rental gear.  Avalanche beacon, probe and shovel are essential for all courses. 


Taking an avalanche course does not guarantee your safety in avalanche terrain.  It will help you to understand the subtleties of the many factors required for consideration to make safe decisions.